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Today's Creation Moment

Who was First to North America?
Genesis 1:28
“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth...”
The conventional understanding has always been that North America was populated by people who crossed from Asia to Alaska via the Bering Strait and then migrated down the West Coast. Eventually, some...


Impacting Lives All Over God's Creation

How has Creation Moments been a blessing to you? Has it been our radio program, our website, our books … or even just a friendly voice on the phone when you called?
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Note: Comments in italics contain handy tips from creationists on how they are making use of Creation Moments resources.


"Your radio program is insightful, thought provoking, and applicable to my daily walk with Christ my creator. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and His word." - K.M.

"As a pilot, I read with considerable interest your “Airplane Fingers” article, and yes, the Creator sure made this all possible. I hope that the general aviation industry takes heed of what you have provided. Thank you, as always, for bringing forth articles of this nature to demonstrate not only His mercy and grace, but also His glorious wisdom!" - R.L.

“I want you to know that I really enjoy your program. I listen on WYBK in Chattanooga TN. You have such interesting bits of information about animals and birds, etc.  I'm totally blind, and I really like to hear about these things, and the wisdom of God in making them.” – R.A.

"I just wanted you to know just how much your letter to supporters of Creation Moments meant to my wife and I. We are Messianic Christians and are used to reading and using Hebrew. But to read what you said and hear the translation of that text thrilled us so much. We had no idea that was the translation and understanding  of the original Hebrew. It has excited us so much that we have decided to do a careful word study of the book of Genesis. We look forward everyday for our daily email of Creation Moments. It is just thrilling to read these nuggets of knowledge and to apply them to God's Word. May Adonai Elohim bless you and the ministry of Creation Moments." - D.F.

"My husband and I teach a Sunday School class for children ages 6-12, so we do look for related activities for the lessons we're teaching. When we see that one of your Scrambled Scriptures is pertinent to our lesson, we either have our kids do it in class or send it home with them." - B.M.  


"I read every one of your articles with delight, expecting (and getting) a blessing from each and every one. I have given many Creation Presentations over the years, and used quite a few of your writings in them. Our Lord has blessed you in giving you the insight, and "duty" to produce such wonderful works of praise to our Father! I pray that our Creator God will bless you and your co-workers with many years ahead to magnify the Lord!" - H.M.

"I recently happened to discover 'Creation Moments' for the first time on BBN radio, broadcast here in Hickory, NC. I was up in the early morning hours because I could not sleep and had anxiety about different things going on in my life, my husband's upcoming surgery, my aging mother, and the state of the world. My spirit was troubled, and I felt agitated. Then the segment of Creation Moments came on and it happened to be 'The Singing Lake'.  I can't explain it, but just those few minutes of listening to Ian Taylor talk about this phenomenon of creation calmed my heart and gave me such joy and then peace. That broadcast was a gift from God.  I felt as if His loving arms embraced me in that moment, telling me He is in control. He hung the stars in place, and all creation praises Him.  Surely he is able to handle my problems. I was able to go back to bed and sleep soundly. So thank you for your ministry, which I will be supporting now.  I look forward each day to learning something new, and I am sharing your ministry with my neighbor, who also needs to know that our Creator has everything firmly under control." - J.T.

"I look forward to your daily emails. It is the only one I read everyday (out of all the daily emails I receive). Thank you for your research and opening my eyes daily to the wonder of God's Creation." - M.S.

"I am a nature lover, so I love listening to Creation Moments. I subscribed to them, so I wouldn't miss them if I'm not by the radio. Keep up the good and godly work! I love how the Truths of GOD are in HIS creation as well as in HIS WORD." - D.W.

"I enjoy receiving your Today's Creation Moment in my inbox on a daily basis. It is one of the few emails I receive on any given day that actually has a calming and uplifting effect on me. The Lord knows I need this!" - G.M.

"Science was at the center of how God led me to a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.  And  at the very heart of the matter was creation vs evolution. Way back in 1992 is when this happened in high school. We often think it is directly through some ministry like a church service or evangelistic rally that people get saved. Yet as His word went out (the truth of creation) He called me to Himself. That is why I love your ministry and forward on several of the wonderful articles you send as it is the Word of God going forth to find a harvest. Thanks more then I could possibly say!" - M.S.

"I am thankful for the very convincing insights you supply which helps to counteract the false belief that everything we see around us came about all by itself.  A lot of those who believe this are very hard to convince but keep up the good work of getting the truth out there." - L.F.

"I appreciate and thank you and thank the Lord for the articles sent via email to me. I have listened to your programme also through the internet. I have also accessed your website and it has many helpful resources of articles, videos, etc. You are doing a wonderful ministry in explaining to us laymen in greater details of God's marvellous creative works. You have given us greater insights into God's marvellous works with your expert explanation, even though in simple terms. This ministry of yours serve also to expose the lies of evolutionism. May you keep up your God-given ministry until the Lord comes." – C.C.M.

"I really appreciate what I discover in e-mails from Creation Moments. Thank you." – D.P.

"I wish I could express just how much Creation Moments has meant to my wife and I. Most of the time it has made me stop and think just how much our Creator loves us. We are both disabled former RNs, and before I got into nursing I was studying Marine Biology with a minor in Chemistry. With all this biological and medical background, you would think we could not be amazed at the world around us, and yet day after day you astound us. God led us to you, and by the help and grace of Almighty God the Father, we will do what we can to support Creation Moments. It is extremely important that the truth of God's creation be made known unto those in the dark." - D.F.

"Creation Moments has been a source of edification in the face of a changing society and morals for me for a long time. Thank you for adding your group to Facebook." – S.A.

"I enjoy listening to your broadcast almost every day on the VCY radio station in my area. Appreciate your program. Keep up the great work!" – C.P.

"I thoroughly enjoy your emails and have shared many with other Christians to aid in their apologetics of the scriptures in regard to the six (6) day creation." - B.B.

"This 'kid' who's 78 years old loves your Scrambled Scriptures puzzles, and they are a highlight of my early Saturday. There have been times when my printer wasn't working and I would drive five miles to our library to print it. Always a fun thing to do and a reminder of how much God has put into ONE book! Thanks for doing this every week. Love your daily creation emails also." – P.M.

"I just wanted to thank you for Creation Moments. They have not only blessed me, but my wife also. I was an RN for 24 years and studied Marine Biology with a minor in Chemistry before changing to Nursing. Because of this background, I have appreciated and been fascinated by all the Life sciences. These little momentous glimpses into God's creation are just so amazing. May our Lord God and Savior bless this ministry abundantly." – D.F.

"Thank you so much for the Creation Moments bulletin inserts. For the past several years I have been printing them out for our church's use, and members have made a point of saying how much they appreciate them. We think they are especially important in that most of our church's children have not had the privilege of attending Christian schools and are constantly at risk for believing evolutionary nonsense." – J.K.

"Thank you for your website and doctrinal stance to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. In these dark days, we, as a nation need the light of Jesus Christ, lifted up to fight against the influence of evolution in the hearts and lives of our young. They are bombarded daily with that nonsense and desperately need the truth of creation in their hearts and minds. Thank you for that stance, and my wife and I will be praying for you and your ministry." – D.F.

"Every message you send is magnificent.  If I respond to only one, that is no prejudice against all the other excellent information you publish, all pointing to an unbelievably wise and loving Creator, Who we know as Jesus Christ!" – L.S.

"I am a high school English teacher at a private Christian school and I use 'Today's Creation Moment' for each of my classes (one class per grade) as a warm up exercise everyday. They locate the verse in their Bibles to find the context and then they summarize the articles. The students who are already Christians are reminded of God's superior design and the students who are not Christians question evolution and the scientific community. Thank you so much for your ministry." – M.M.

"I've particularly enjoyed your programs about the parts of the human body and also of animals that are so ingenious and unique. So much wisdom and knowledge attend each part - very awesome. Wonderful that you get to talk and write about these things that warm people up to the great truths of salvation. If God cares that much for our bodies and the little creatures, and He does that, He also cares where we will live forever and provides the condition and remedy for our souls in such a non-meritorious grace solution." - P.H.

"I very much enjoy receiving Creation Moments every morning. It's the only publication I totally agree with." – D.S.

"Thanks be to God for the ministry of Creation Moments. May He continue to use this ministry mightily for His Kingdom glory. Everyday I look forward to receiving the email and enjoy reading. Thanks for all the work and God bless." – M.P.

"I thank God for Creation Moments! From the first time I heard one on the radio, until today now that I receive your emails, I am overjoyed to have them in my life. It is so good to receive such a steady faithful stream of inspiration. Hearing/reading accounts of our God's creative touch is awe-inspiring to say the least." – G.A.

"Thank you for your research on creation.  In the end, evolutionism will just be another forgotten sect." – M.D.

"Thanks be to God for the ministry of Creation Moments. May He continue to use this ministry mightily for His Kingdom glory. Everyday I look forward to receiving the email and enjoy reading. Thanks for all the work and God bless." – M.P.

"In this chaotic, ungodly world, Creation Moments seems to be the only inspiring email that I get." – S.S.

"In making our church's weekly bulletin, I've been using your Church Bulletin Inserts, and realized it was certainly time to say thank you so much. Our folks enjoy reading the interesting articles. More importantly, we are educated and bolstered by the information you provide that glorifies our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. May He richly bless you." – L.W.

"Your daily emails are a real blessing. I especially like the short, one line prayers. For some reason, they seem to have more impact. Thanks for what you do. Blessings to you and the ministry." – G.G.


"Thank you so much for the daily Creation Moment. I so appreciate your commentary on today's message HEALING POWER OF PRAYER UNDENIABLE. We are living in a spiritualistic world where false religious beliefs abound, and 'meditation' is upheld, but not to the True Creator. Thank you for this truth-filled commentary!" – D.B., MD

"I've been enjoying reading the fascinating articles you send about us humans, plants, and animals that I don't remember hearing about before, especially because it is based on the truth of God's design and not evolution." - S.H.

"I love your Creation Moments and especially the Creation Moments Minute videos on Youtube which I share on Facebook with all my contacts. As a former science teacher at Christian high schools for 30 years, I also share them with most of my past students." - D.D.

"Faced with so much confusion of people today with respect to the creation, it is good to listen to your program and share it with Christian believers so that we know more about this topic." – D.B.

 "Your Creation Moment radio segment is really awesome and I enjoy listening to it. Keep up the great work. I look forward to using your website as a resource for my university classes to get a Bachelors degree in Archaeology." – Rev. B.V.

"I'd love to get Creation Moments messages sent to my email account. I know that God spoke all of this around us into being from nothingness by the power of His Word, and love to hear about how complicated His tiniest things created are." - G.L.

"I want you all to know that I really enjoy listening to your program. It's really interesting! I'm totally blind, but I have a voice-synthesizer in my computer that reads the screen for me. How do you manage to get such interesting information for your programs? Keep up the good work!" – R.A.

"My daughter and I used to listen to Creation Moments while waiting at the end of our long driveway for the school bus. She grew up and went on to get her animal science degree. She continues to enjoy everything having to do with animals and nature. She and her husband now have a farm of their own, and their faith is an important part of their marriage. She makes references occasionally to topics discussed years ago on your program and the valuable lessons learned from them. Those few moments every morning were very helpful in keeping her grounded and gave us both reinforcement for meeting the challenges of each new day. Today, 20 years later, I still listen to Ian Taylor on my way to work and reminisce about when I had that little girl beside me. Thank you for the positive energy you share every day." - D.E.

"I have learned much from your broadcasts over the years and will continue to listen and suggest to others to do the same." - C.R.

"Thank you for the WONDERFUL Creation Moments App! I have an Android system on my smartphone and am thrilled I have Creation Moments at my fingertips now! God Bless You All!"– T.F.

"I love receiving Creation Moments by email. I continually worship at God's intricate power and knowledge, and I join in the prayers as I read them." – J.H.

"I'm a college professor in philosophy at a secular humanist public university in New York. However, I am a born again Christian and advisor to one of the student Christian clubs on campus. I just wanted to say thank you for your mature, beautiful, and truthful website." – J.L.

"I am writing this letter in adoration to your organization's daily broadcast and the juxtaposition of science with religion. It is absolutely marvelous, and correct about the facts of nature accumulated to prove God's existence." - F.A.

"I listen to Today's Creation Moment every morning on my drive to work via my email because your email has a listen button. Thank you for including the ability to listen.  It gives me a morning boost every day." - C.V.

"God bless you all at Creation Moments. You do a holy work! I love Creation Moments - I truly get an education from your website." – P.H.

"I want to express my appreciation and thanks for your emails of scientific information glorifying our Creator, including the prayers at the end." – C.R.

"THANK YOU ALL so very much for giving me these FREE evidences of God in our world! These are so awesome! I will share your information with our sons and encourage them to give money also. I wish that we could give, but we don't have any money to do so. (I'm sure you hear that a lot, but in our case it is true.) God is providing for our needs, though! He is so, so good; isn't He?! Even though we don't have money to give, we are praying for you and for your ministry. Thank you so much – all of you – for what you're doing! Praise God for your ministry and for what He's doing through you!" – C.U.

"Dear Mr. Ian Taylor, I heard your show, Creative Moments, on WNEQ-FM, this past Sunday evening. I love what you are addressing in your very important  broadcasts about creation. There are so many scientists trying to up-stage the Maker of all life, the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Mr. Taylor, you are restoring Our Lord to His rightful place in our universe with your fine programs. I went to the archives and listened to many. I love what you're doing. Moreover, God loves what you're doing for all of us who believe in Our Blessed Savior." – R.J.

“Shalom and blessings. Happy thanksgiving to all. May the number of souls’ destinies that were eternally changed by this ministry make your jaw drop when you get to heaven! May you always be reminded of the eternal reason of your labor, YESHUA.” – N.

“In a very short while, I have come to love your daily messages; thank you so much for the thought and time you invest.” – D.B.

“Creation Moments has given me (probably all readers) stronger faith and the amazing details of God's care for the living beings and non-living beings. It makes me wonder where and how you get all this information. I assume it must be a lot of work. Thanks and keep up the good work!” – M.K.

"I love getting Creation Moments in my e-mail and especially appreciate the prayer at the end. We worship an awesome God who loves us personally. If only we could project that thought to the world. Your programs are a vital step in that direction." – R.B.

"May the Lord continue to richly bless you! You folks have been such a blessing to me. I love the wonderful information and opportunities of praise that you unveil in God's creation. I miss you on BNN (the 3:30 p.m. time slot) but, thanks to email, I still get to 'hear' the information and, thus, the blessings. Yes, at this Thanksgiving time, I certainly give the Lord thanks for you!" - C.K.

"Unless God opens the eyes of unbelievers, they will not believe. The best we can do is to make people ask questions, and what we can do is stand on the facts - the Bible. I have used your Letting God Create Your Day books in my jail ministry. The snippets are short and to the point. God bless!" - Darryl

"I've really enjoyed listening to Creation Moments clips. They are great and I'm proud to be broadcasting them on my station. They run about once every four hours 24/7. Please add my station to your Station Finder on your website." – C.B.P.

"I think your Creation Moments Minute videos are great. For a long time I thought it would be even better if we could see the Creation Moments broadcast. Thanks."  — K.B.

"I will tell as many parents with little kids as possible about your beautiful 'Creation Moments' emails and your DVDs. A lady who was studying to be a doctor happily accepted 'Creation Moments' information. Daniel 12:3 applies to you because you are leading many to the Lord, to righteousness." - C.I.

"I just wanted to let you know how much we like the church bulletin inserts you make available to us. Our members comment on them each time we include them. We also have been giving our fathers a volume of Letting God Create Your Day each Fathers Day." - C.M.M.

"I print out the Scrambled Scriptures each week and take them to nursing homes that I visit." - K.B.

"I live in Eastern Uganda and I always listen to your messages on an FM station. You have blessed and encouraged me. I love you so much. God bless you." - K.F.

"I'm glad I found your website because your subject material is exactly what I'm looking for (writing a college paper)." - R.J.

"We enjoyed working on the archaeology excavation at Sepphoris from year 1985 through 2000 with Dr. James Strange of USF. We walked over the "Mona Lisa of the Galilee" and saw it after it was uncovered by another group of diggers. Thank you for the daily emails. We appreciate reading them." - W.M.

"As a retired pastor on a fixed income, I wish I had been able to have our "mission church" support you more! You are a blessing to these tired bones of mine. I am sending a gift to encourage you in this most-necessary ministry." - D.E.

"In an age and day when professing Christians are willing to accept the lie of evolution and reject the LITERAL DAYS  of creation, I am so grateful for your ministry and all those like yours who hold to the TRUTH of God's Word!" - C.W.

"I really love getting the Creation Moments. You all are awesome! Keep it up!" - R.N.

"Fantastic, educational, amazing, enlightening, encouraging, fascinating, strengthens my faith, brightens my day. I often share facts with others and tell them about the Creation Moments e-mail." - I.Z.

"The more I learn about how things are made by God, like your story about the retina in our eyes, the more I praise and worship and rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the co-creator of all things. I often laugh out loud when I discover just how magnificent our God is. It always astounds me at the seemingly simple things we so often take for granted are really more complex than we could imagine. How does He do it? I hope in eternity we can understand more of how the Lord has made all the wonderful things in this life we can see, hear, touch, eat and enjoy. Thank you for your blessed website." - G.F.

"I have learned so much about creation versus evolution through your broadcasts. Everyone on my email list is included when I forward these excellent  'moments'." - G.S.

"Creation Moments is the first email I read every day. Thank you so much. It gives me inspiration each day." - S.S.

"I just wanted to tell you that I look forward each day to reading Creation Moments - to see the greatness of our God, the wonderful things He does, and how He cares for us. Thank you." - T.B.

"I often invite people to subscribe to your Today's Creation Moment e-mail. You all are doing a tremendous work for the Lord!" - T.H.

"I so like your Creation Moments, including the prayers that accompany them. Thank you!" - C.B.

"Yahweh bless you for all of your magnificent work over the years!" - D.P.

"Thanks for the amazing truth that you give us everyday." - K.D.O.

"I just wanted to thank all of you guys before God Himself for all you do to fight The Big Lie and to promote God's Viewpoint - the only one that matters. It takes a whole lot of work to do what you do, and we, the recipients, are most grateful." - T.L.

"Thank you so much for your ministry! You do a tremendous job in defending truth and building up the saints!" - J.I.

"I am a member of a small church in Cardiff, South Wales, UK. I love your daily Creation Moments! It's one of my jobs to put together a little newsletter for our members each Sunday. I like to include something of interest in it like a piece from Lloyd-Jones, Spurgeon or MacArthur. I was wondering if it would be possible to include one of your daily Creation Moments every now and then? [Editor's Note: YES!] I print off a dozen of your Scrambled Scriptures search word puzzles each week for the children to do and they love it! Many thanks for being such a blessing to so many!" - M.R.

"Aloha! I'm from Hilo, Hawaii, and was raised in the lies of evolution until hearing your radio program on our local Christian radio station, after which it gave me a renewed understanding in my walk with Christ." - P.K.

"I'm from the Philippines but have been working here in Qatar for the last 7 years. I have always been a fan of your Creation Moments radio program in Manila since my teens. I keep posted to your ministry via your website." - J.C.

"I just want to say how MUCH I appreciate Creation Moments. The information is always interesting, enlightening, and faith promoting. God bless you in this wonderful work!" - T.S.

"Thanks for Creation Moments. It reassures us of what a wonderful God we serve. We stand in awe and are blessed by His wonderful works." - B.V.

"I bought the book by Mark Cadwallader - Creation Spelled Out for Us All - plus the audio. I've been listening to it in my car. I'm going to use this in my Sunday School class, plus tell other teachers about it. It's one thing to read it, but when you listen to it over and over, it sets in." - J.D.

“I go to your web page and pull up the transcripts. I also share them with my family and the folks I work with. God bless you and all that Creation Moments stands for!!!” – G.K.

"I finished reading your "Short Answers to Big Questions" e-book last night. Great stuff! I'm an OTR truck driver (got saved in 2008) and am looking forward to arming myself with more of your solid, Bible-based information. The more I read and study, the more confidence I have in taking the Bible account literally." - G.G.

"I just wanted to let you know how one of your recent programs blessed my heart. I wanted to let my friend know this info, and she said she was going to tell me the same thing! We both really were touched by the kindness of God. (cried) Thank you soooo much!" - P.R.

"From the depth of my heart, I have this to say that the programmes you are presenting on air have become a source of blessings to us at Christian Visionary Church here in Kenya. We would like to partner with you and make sure that you reach a larger audience here in Kenya simply because your teachings are worthy and can impact the lives of many in a positive way and in accordance with the Word of God. Most people have developed bad beliefs about creation. They are caught in-between the Bible and science teachings. As a result, they have lost the perception of God in these things. As a church, we know that the two are far different." - T.O.

"Great website! Plenty of great answers to people's many questions. Great for discussions. Thanks!" - T.T.

"I owe such a debt of gratitude to the people in the Creation Moments Facebook group for having faith in me and helping to train me." - T.F.

"I really look forward to doing your Scrambled Scriptures word puzzle each Saturday morning.  It's fun, and since the level of difficulty changes back and forth from week to week, that adds interest to each week's puzzle." - R.K.

"I'd like to learn more about Creationism, and I've found that your Creation Moments Forum group is one of the best ones to do that in on Facebook." - N.M. (skeptic and evolutionist)

"Thank you for your recent program about the Hummingbird Moth. Last year I had the privilege to see one of those amazing moths in my yard, and I'm sending you a picture of it. Thanks to Creation Moments, I have learned so much and fallen in love with our Creator even more!" - C.C.

"This is my first time receiving your Church Bulletin Inserts. They are STUNNING and a great blessing! I will use these in church and in my prison ministry. Thank you sooooo much! I am going to recommend you to others. May God continue to bless you almightily!" - C.D.

"Today’s Creation Moment hits the nail on the head! Great segment. Sadly, many say you can be a Christian and believe in millions of years. But as today’s CM says, without biblical creation, one has only a part of Christ, and that is not Christ at all. So anyone who professes to be a Christian, yet denies the creation account, is in fact, denying Christ. Death before sin turns the Gospel on its head and accuses God of being a liar. In fact, millions of years/evolution says God is a deceiver for writing the Bible the way He did." - P.P.
"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your Church Bulletin Inserts each week. It was especially gratifying recently to see one of our young people, an 11-year-old girl, eagerly poring over the interesting information. Our church is small, perhaps 25 members or so, but several folks tell me they read the inserts. God is reaching people through your efforts!" - J.K.

"Thank you so much for sharing your Scrambled Scriptures wordfind puzzles with me. I am a Pastor, and I'm always looking for ways to interest and engage our young people in the study of God's Word. I plan to use these with our church ... if that's okay with you?" - N.R.

"Instead of allowing people to languish in their unbelief, and even affirming them so, we need to join you in exposing their false beliefs with the truth and telling them their names are not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life because they are believing in a false Christ. That is far more loving than letting them continue down the road to destruction." - D.P.

"Thank you so much for your Church Bulletin Inserts! I was so excited to find these ... and for free! Bless you for making such information available for free. We will definitely be donating because of this. We have just recently started an outreach church in a dark city, and your inserts will be a huge help. Thanks again and God bless!" - J.K.

"One morning I bumped into your program on a religious broadcast. Now that I've gone to your website, all I can say is that I am so glad you guys are here to proclaim divine creation!" - A.F.

"Thanks for today's e-mail from Mark Cadwallader reminding us of the evolutionary basis for state-controlled systems. I pray that your ministry will open many hearts to God's creation." - T.F.

"Just so you know, I love Creation Moments and read them daily. The reason I unsubscribed was because they are discontinuing my email provider ... but I'm already subscribed on my new email address! Keep up the good work!" - D.S.

"I simply can't find words which express my gratitude for all your fine work. I am fascinated by today's broadcast - The Secrets of Hot Mineral Water - for it fits to a T what Dr. Walt Brown has been reporting in his book titled In the Beginning. Thank you and may God bless you all." - H.C.

"Love your programs, we put them on the air at least 3 times a day - breakfast, drive time and midnight to dawn. Keep up the good work, spreading the good news of Creation!!!!" - D.J.

"I write to you from Argentina. I'm very glad to say that I hear your program every afternoon through BBN in Spanish. Today I discovered your website so I can learn there and listen to your programs. God bless you, your ministry and your program." - EM

"I read my brother's copy of Ian Taylor's 'In The Minds of Men' several years ago and bought myself a copy. I love the book. I'm glad to have stumbled across your website, and it's excellent. It's a real source of encouragement." - R.H.

"I've just got to say thank you to everyone in the Creation Moments Forum on Facebook. It has helped my faith such a tremendous amount! I don't know many creationists in person, and whenever I have stated I am such, have been ridiculed. It's great to know that there are more of us out there and it's great to learn more about the Truth." - T.M.

"Thank you for your work and ministry to help all of us who believe that the Bible is the Word of God to keep the faith in these trying times." - S.S.

"Thank you for your wonderfully informative radio program! I work for a university, and I've seen their pro-evilution propaganda in full effect. It's comforting to know information that can counter the slop that's being taught as truth!" - M.J.

"Your Creation Moments radio show has helped me with the educating of my grandchildren. Thank you. God bless you." - D.M.

"I enjoy your brief articles and also very much wish to commend you on your steadfast confession that God forgives/blesses us through His Son Jesus Christ." - B.W.

"Thank you very much ... everything in Spanish is very welcome ... this great site confirms us in our faith toward creation." - E.C.

"I love your stuff!" - D.M.

"I appreciate your ministry so much!" - J.H.

"I once met Creation Moments' founder, Pastor Walter Lang. What a very sweet, smart man! I loved him! Walter, Henry Morris, and John Whitcomb totally changed my life - from an agnostic engineer to a "young age" creationist! A major change in my worldview! Thanks for carrying Walter's torch forward!" - S.M.

"A most excellent Creation Moment today! The whole self-esteem movement is very self destructive to believers in Jesus for, as you said, it keeps us in the self-righteous mode, not poor and needy as we are and must be. Thank you for addressing this sin problem." - J.S.

"I enjoy hearing Creation Moments regularly on Family Radio KPHF in Phoenix, Arizona. You provide one of the most enlightening minutes in my day. Thank you, and may God sustain you in your influential work for Truth." - E.L.

"I listen to your program each morning as I am going to work and look forward to hearing it. As a Christian, I know that some of my family used to believe in evolution. We are studying God's creation in Sunday School right now.  Thank you for your ministry and will pray for you and yours." - T.A.

"Just a note to tell you that I really enjoy the daily emails I get from Creation Moments. We are planning on using the bulletin inserts at our little church. Thanks so much for all you do!" - M.M.

"Wow! Thank you so much for your daily Creation Moments messages! That is why I can donate to your cause with joy! I share these messages with people all the time. Keep up the GREAT work!" - E.P.

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"I just wanted to write to let you know that your Creation Moments have been, and continue to be, a great blessing for the programme I present - The Really Good News Show - which airs on a totally secular station here in Southern Spain. I use the thoughts regularly and find them to be excellent in every way! Thank you so much for faithfully sending them to me over the years. Many blessings in your wonderful ministry." - M.C.

"I continue to enjoy your daily moments. Keep up your work, in the strength of the Lord, at getting His word out. May the Lord bless you abundantly for His glory in 2013." - J.J.

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“This is so interesting. I love each of the selections on Creations Moments!” – D.B.

“I thank God for Creation Moments – how you stand for the truth of  creation in times like these when it seems evil is winning the world over to the side of the enemy. But we know that in the end we win, and evil will be put in its place once and for all. Keep on blessing us with encouraging words of wisdom.” – L.H.
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“I look forward to Creation Moments every day. Thanks for the good articles. Though I'm Canadian, our kids are coming from the States for your Thanksgiving, so I have lots to be thankful for, including God's goodness to me!” – M.A.

“Thank you for a very dynamic, informative and highly insightful production! I am from South Africa , and I heard your broadcast on the radio for the very first time today. May the favour of the God of Nehemiah be upon your ministry forever! (Nehemiah 2:20)” – L.G.

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"Thank you for e-mailing me a new Creation Moment each day! I include one Creation Moment in each of our weekly e-mails to our homeschool group. I appreciate the reminders that God is in control - and that scientists are finding things that fully coincide with the Bible." - M.O.

"I have changed my email address and would like to receive your emails again. The information about God's creation is wonderful and outstanding and helps me to praise and glorify God. I often forward them on to friends who also enjoy them." - R.L.

"I love your Church Bulletin Inserts, especially the one about the flat earth! I'm definitely going to send these to my sister, who loves to teach kids about creation vs. evolution. Where would we be without creation advocates like all of you, who have been willing to bear the scorn of the world 'so that truth might remain with [us]'?  The church is really "the pillar and ground of the truth"! Thanks so much for all you guys do!" - M.B.

"Thank you for the daily Creation Moments, both on radio and by email. They are excellent for all ages and present a balanced view of God's Creation. It would certainly take a lot more faith to NOT believe in God and His intricately fashioned creation than it does to believe! Thank you again for all that you have done, are doing and will continue to do to bring honor to our awesome Creator." - B.T.

"I just want to thank you for your wonderful efforts in giving everyone the opportunity to hear the truth. it greatly saddens me when I read some of the comments from people who feel their wisdom to be above God's, but then I am encouraged when I reflect upon your efforts of 'planting seed' and hope that the Holy Spirit will make it grow in all those who visit your Momentum blog site. For it is true that even one saved soul is worth more than all the gold on earth to the Lord. So once again, thank you for your efforts, and may God bless the fruits of your labour in your kingdom-building work." - R.M.

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"Just wanted to say your Creation Moments programs are always uplifting and interesting. God really is so amazing. Thank you!" - R.J.

"They didn't teach creation in the school I attended, they taught evolution. Neither was I taught creationism in Sunday school. As I have grown in my faith, I came to a place where I had to reconcile creation and what I had been taught all my life. I discovered creation science was correct. It has no deficits. And I must tell you that I have found Creation Moments to be completely sufficient in educating me on creation science and Bible inerrancy. I did not need multiple resources. Creation Moments did it all for me. That's why I'm not looking for creation evidence anymore. My eyes have been opened, and I see the evidence everywhere. Creation Moments is on God's team!" - C.P.

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful Creation Moments script you send me each morning. I get great joy reading your wonderful work. I am nearly 70 years old, retired, but am able to work some when called in. When I go in, I share, usually at lunch, what I read that morning. Sometimes some will ask where I read it, and I am able to give them your information. I also passed along your generous sharing of the 1,500 scripts with a pastor's wife, suggesting her husband may be interested." - C.R.

"We thank God for your excellent creation ministry and invaluable material. We try to not miss hearing your program every afternoon. I work in a secondary school with teenagers and have the opportunity to answer questions about biblical creationism. The population here in Bolivia is Traditional Roman Catholic. Talking about the Bible is always a challenge for me, but your programs have been very useful. Your Church Bulletin Inserts are also valuable for use in Sunday School. Please send me your Letting God Create Your Day books. They will be a valuable tool to share with our unsaved friends and students in the class." - I.M.

"Thank you so very much for the good work you are doing.  I always enjoy your radio spots, and I have begun showing your web-videos to my children. May God rain and shower upon you every good blessing." - L.R.

"I have begun telling my friends and family about your website, and I will be mentioning it OFTEN to MANY. It is so nice to have a perspective thru the eyes of Christians giving God the credit, honor and glory for all creation! THANK YOU!" - L.S.

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"I have just discovered Creation Moments. It is my favorite blog. Thank you for all the beautiful info about God's creation. I so enjoy sharing them on Facebook every day." - S.A.

"Your dedication to spreading the news of the wonders of creation is appreciated. The first time I heard your program I was fascinated. There is so much in God's Kingdom to inspire us, teach us and marvel at. Now I put your bulletin inserts into our church bulletins to help spread the news." - V.E.

"Thank you for piquing my interest in the creation/evolution issue (many years ago) and for provding solid biblical evidence so that we are better equipped for the work of the Lord." - S.B.

"Creation Moments is a wonderful Christian resource that arrives daily, and I truly appreciate the expertise and effort behind it. The world would be a darker place without it, and I hope it continues until the Lord returns." - M.L.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your Creation Moments radio program on WRVM (102.7 FM, Suring, WI ) for some time. I also receive your email version daily, and it is one of the first things I read every morning. The subject of creation is so vital to the Christian faith. After all, God put the story of His creation right up front in the Bible. For people to ignore it or disagree with it is to question the entire  Bible. God's creation of everything is foundational." - D.K.

"I have so appreciated Creation Moments. God is so good to all of us who get to enjoy it. I send copies to friends and encourage my grandchildren who teach to use the material. I was a teacher for 25 years and wish I could have had it." - L.N.

"Thank you for giving me good material for devotionals I have with children during the summer. His creation has provided countless lessons in His wonder, artistry, planning, wisdom, foresight, attention to detail, redemption message in every seed and bulb, sin represented in weeds, and the need to be pruned in order to bear more fruit, etc. I thank you for these little shorts which have added to my own observation and research over many years of experience hiking, walking, and leading children on nature walks." - K.H.

"I just want you to know how very, very much I enjoy reading my Creation Moments email each and every work day. I find the information so interesting, informative, and encouraging, as a Follower of Christ, and many times I forward them onto to my friends and family." - J.F.

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"Creation Moments was instrumental in changing my lie-based thinking regarding evolution. I know now that not only was it a wrong belief (evolution), but it shut my heart off from the relational and loving heart of God for me and between me and others." - S.C.

"I rarely have a chance to listen to Creation Moments on the radio but we get them by email and I REALLY appreciate them, especially now that I am taking biology classes at a secular university." - E.P.

"We homeschool. After our Bible reading, we listen to Creation Moments and discuss what we hear and always have a lot to talk about!" - H.A.

"Thank you for your interesting article on the true intelligence inspired by God in nature. As an engineer in a medical device company, I see this intelligent design everyday!" - J.M and M.M.

"I so look forward to reading your Creation Moments emails every day. You provide me a moment of reflection and worship as I ponder our Great and Creative God." - M.M.

"Thank you for your Creation Moments daily devotionals. Over the years they have given me a new understanding and appreciation for animals and all God's creation. I've come to understand that everything was created for a divine purpose because in His wisdom He knew that down through the ages mankind would believe evolution and other lies. Thank you so much for bringing these truths to light." - E.M.

"Thank you for Creation Moments. I have listened on the radio for years and sometimes I would miss it. Now I receive it online and truly enjoy each moment." - J.C.

"I am in a continuing learning mode thanks to Creation Moments. I thank you for these little moments of enlightenment and hope for several thousand more." - J.L.

"I read and print your radio transcripts all the time. Creation Moments is the number-one web site for Christians to get to learn and understand God's creation. You explain it in such simple terms, too, for those who are not scientifically inclined." - B.B.

"Your ministry first touched me two years ago on Family Radio. Since then, my daily 'Creation Moments' emails are shared with a long list of family and friends, and a few clients." – B.W.

"We appreciate all you have done through the years. We frequently use your Creation Action Moments to teach our children about our Lord Jesus Christ's true view of science." – J.C. and C.C.

"A huge thank-you for all of the Creation Moments that I have passed on to Christians as well as to non-Christians in search of the truth." – C.M.

"I love your Creation Moment program. Thank you very much for sharing that with me. I have learned a lot." – N.G.

"I am new to Creation Moments. I absolutely love your website and how it magnifies and gives honor to the one who deserves it – King Jesus – the Great Creator!" – K.G.

"Living in Korea without access to much English material on creationism, I am blessed five mornings a week with Creation Moments! I have cited your ministry on Facebook and recommend your site to my seminary students and other acquaintances both here in Korea and abroad. May God bless you for your blessings on me and many others." – A.B.

"Your emails have been a constant source of inspiration for me to meditate on God's creation and to strengthen my conviction of His brilliance. I do not agree with everything you believe in – namely, a 6000 year old earth. However, I respect your opinion. Either way, what we know is so little compared to what will be revealed." – N.B.

"We love Creation Moments and bookmark every one and save it to a folder." – L.W. and P.W.

"You really are appreciated. Thank you for all the work you do. It helps me to instruct my 9-year-old son who attends public school. I often tell him that if I had to do it all over again, I would have studied to become a creationist.  Keep up the good work!" – M.N.

"Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories of Creation! I have learned so very much from you that I would never have learned if you had not shared it. I now share it with my grandchildren and other children at church. You are a wonderful blessing to us all." – C.J.

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"Thank you so much for your Creation Moments. I so enjoy learning from it." – V.R.

"Ian Taylor, you're one of my heroes. I still use your book in my classes to connect Evolution Science to Political Moves like Globalization." – T.L.

"Thank you for your interesting and enlightening Creation Moments. I get your email every day and look forward to learning how our great and powerful God has equipped each of His creatures with such complexity and design. I teach 4th and 5th graders at my church and sometimes share your research with them." – D.G.

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"I just became a listener/subscriber a few months ago but have been greatly blessed and encouraged. My wife and I have been missionaries in Japan for 26+ years. Most Japanese are totally shocked that anyone does not believe in evolution. Japanese love nature, so it is good to share examples from God's creation! Thank you and keep up the good work!" – R.G.

"I am from Cape Town in South Africa . I love having the Creation Moment sent to me daily. I also listen to it on our local Christian radio station daily." – G.M.

"Aloha! It is such a blessing to me each morning when I listen to Creation Moments on KLHT radio in Honolulu . I am a science teacher at a Christian school and frequently pass along your Creation Moments insights when they tie into my curriculum. The kids get real excited and want to know what time they can listen to Creation Moments themselves. Thank you for your tireless work. It is making an impact on thousands of people, I'm sure." – C.H.

"I have been getting Creation Moments for a few months now. Your views on creation are a great alternative to evolution without taking God and science out of the equation. Also, I think your insight gives the non-believers in God's Word many reasons to believe. For many years I tried to mix evolution and creation together, but I kept running into many roadblocks. It was like trying to mix oil with water. But now I know that science and faith are allies, not enemies." – M.B.

"I love Creation Moments! Thank you for blessing us!" – E.S.

"I have been listening to Creation Moments for years and shared them with all my friends and family. I have appreciated all of God's Creation and all that you have taught me. Thank you very kindly and I will keep you  in my  prayers." – V.L.

"I really appreciate hearing you uncover God's wonders. And I chuckle daily as you drive another nail in the evolutionist coffin." – D.C.

"LOVE Creation Moments! I first heard it broadcast on 89.7 PowerFM here in Dallas a few years ago. Fantastic and amazing stuff. Keep up the Good Work!" - C.V.

"God seems to be giving me so many opportunities to discuss with fellow Christians why I take what the Bible says literally, even when it comes to creation! Because of Creation Moments I no longer avoid talking about Bible verses that seem to support an old earth, but I can logically discuss it with anyone I come in contact with!" - J.F.

"Because of the Today's Creation Moment emails I receive, my faith grows every time I go to my email!" - O.D.

"Creation Moments certainly has enriched my understanding. The hundreds or maybe thousands of archived broadcasts at your website have been an effective tool in my arsenal." - C.P.

"Thank you for your great ministry! Biblical creation is vital to establishing a firm baseline when teaching science. The study of science can only occur with a foundation of truth from which to work. So-called theories such as evolution are easily disproved by basic scientific methods, yet our culture has lived many years believing this and other lies. Most of the US Space Program gets its lead from poor, inaccurate, and falsified science. Our Lord's creation is one of His great, wonderful, and loving gifts to us that love Him. It is hard to imagine growing up in a world directed by humans and not by our wonderful and loving Creator. " - J.K.

"If creation is not true then God is not real or at least not the way He is portrayed by the Bible. And that would make Jesus' death on the cross of no use to my salvation. Thank God the Bible is true." - E.W.

"I think that your group's purpose and its drive to expose the 'theory' of evolution is wonderful and, God willing, you are successful. It is a sad phenomenon that today religion is increasingly being attacked by atheists and other enemies who claim religion basically needs to be consigned to the 'dustbins of superstition' where it belongs.  If any type of religious explanation is introduced within a scientific problem, it is automatically labeled as superstitious and not worthy of considering. Right now, atheists and evolutionists have the upperhand because they have the iron-firm belief that science is in full support of their beliefs. People who believe in religion are sometimes insecure because they buy into the evolutionists' and atheists' claims that religion is man-made dogma and, thus, should be gotten rid of. The truth is that atheism never had anything good to offer to humanity. I can attest to that fact, considering that I myself am a former atheist. In times of crisis, atheists – no matter how much they try to comfort themselves – are often faced by a wall of darkness and hopelessness because they believe that only they can help themselves and that there is no God looking at them and watching them. Thus, continue on with your mission to expose this unscientific misconception." – J.H.

"I believe that teaching biblical creation is important because the Word of God is absolute truth. I am an educator and a youth leader, and I use Creation Moment's Church Bulletin Inserts to plan Bible lessons for our youth group meetings. Being an educator, I cannot teach anything but the truth. Therefore, I can only teach my students the truth about creation, and that truth is that God, our Father, created heaven and earth and all that is within." – K.B.

"Thank God for Creation Moments! The knowledge I get from your daily emails is invaluable. It's so encouraging to know that science today is only playing catch-up to the Bible! I am in awe and marvel at the greatness of the God we serve." – Z.J.

"Thanks, Creation Moments, for tirelessly affirming His Creation!" – M.S.

"Evidence of Biblical Creation is an important part of believing that the Bible is our Ultimate Authority, especially in our current culture which sets up Evolution as an Anti-god. If mankind does not have an ultimate authority, then Morality is meaningless and every man will do what is right is his own opinion, which, in turn, leads to anarchy, chaos and death." – N.M.

"Creation Moments has been important to me because it has shown me that I was created with love and with a purpose. I am not just some random 'accident' that somehow came to be. Furthermore, I grew up thinking that I was useless. Knowing that God took the time to 'knit me together in my mother's womb' and even knows the number of hairs on my head has shown me that I matter and so does everyone else. That said, I always believed in God. However, I also believed in evolution of some kind, and I know for a fact that for me evolution made it easy to view people with little regard. After all, we're only random molecules, etc. Finally, it has also opened my eyes to the truth and exposed the lies that have been shoved down my throat through school and the media. I am more knowledgeable about science now because of Creation Moments rather than school, including a university degree in psychology. Thank you, and please continue the great work." – J.B.

"Creation Moments very strongly supports my faith and belief in all of the Bible as a book of truth, which none can contradict, undermine, nor disprove, and I frequently share the short, scientific, essays with friends via the Internet. I have also started saving selections so I may print them out and send them to friends who do not have a computer.  I can't begin to state how significant these essays are and how important it is to me to share them." – D.D.

"That God created the heavens and the earth should already be firmly established in the mind of the believer. The God we know is all-powerful and can do anything. With God, all things are possible. If not, we are serving the wrong god. When we begin to question divine creation, we begin to limit God and are not using the faith God promised us." – J.D.

“Creation is important to me because it points to a loving God who is the creator. This God who created the heavens and the earth may have created the only world in the universe as a place for the people He loved before His creation moment. He created a beautiful earth for His people and then sent His only begotten Son to die for us and sent a message of His love.” – H.R.

“I forward my Creation Moments on to my atheist avid outdoorsman friend. He doesn't mind. In fact, he looks forward to getting them to learn more about nature. Someday, I pray, God will be real to him.” – T.D.

“I love Creation Moments. I have sent your web link to everyone I know. Thank you so much for making this information available. I look forward to Creation Moments being in my Inbox every day.” – S.G.

"I got a Church Bulletin Insert this week and was so excited to find Creation Moments on Facebook! I hope we get the inserts every week. My daughter is almost 10 and she LOVES reading this kind of stuff. And she also gets a kick out of the just plain silliness of there NOT being a Creator." – S.G.

"Yesterday I opened my Creation Moments newsletter and was surprised to find that the booklet that I wrote was being offered as your gift to your monthly donors. To me, this is a big delight as I have been a long-time listener of Creation Moments for years and have always admired your program! Every night at 11 pm my wife and I listen for what new and edifying things we will hear. I consider it a real privilege to be partnered with your ministry. Thank you for all of the information that you pass on to your listeners and how you always give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ." - Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., MD, National Representative of Institute for Creation Research

"I am so much touched by your work. God bless all of you. Well done, Creation Moments. My prayers are with you." - M.L.

"I appreciate and am guided by persons willing to take a stand and defend God's Word. Ruddy little David stood up to Goliath when others wouldn't. I can stand up to educated atheists because of Creation Moments!" - C.P.

"I love Creation Moments and I've been praying for Paul Bartz." - K.L.

"I do jail ministry and Creation Moments has been essential in teaching the girls truths of God's creation. I appreciate you. Thank you!" - C.B.

"Nearly every day, Creation Moments is like a drink of cold water in the dry land of science." - T.S.

"Creation Moments starts off my day every day. I share the things I read with my own family as well as many youth/college-age folks. I find it has tremendous impact in strengthening believers and their faith in God as their Creator. I appreciate you all so much. You've had a great impact in my own life as an engineer seeking truth. THANK YOU!" - G.K.

"I am thankful for Creation Moments. Wonderful program! Great Information!" - C.P.K.

"What you are  accomplishing in your presentations is as if I used to think I could breathe just fine, and then I discovered I had another lung! The presence of so much well-grounded testimony to our Creator's ordering and care in His creation is, well, awe-inspiring, to put it simply. Keep up the hard work!" - R.J.

"I am very thankful for the ministry of Creation Moments, which I receive and read regularly and often share with my seminary students. Whether teaching Romans or Dogmatics or some other subject, we frequently expose the great lie of the evolutionary fantasy and enlighten our students with the clear testimony to what can be known of God from His creation, as often communicated by your ministry through your website and DVDs especially. God grant His continued blessing on your work, which is so vitally needed." - Rev. T.A.

"I want to congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing in publicizing the true side of science that many do not know. I am a biologist who lives in Brazil. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, which passeth all understanding, be with the entire staff of your wonderful website." - H.H.

"As a pastor, I am doing my best to counter the evolutionary teachings that are so prevalent these days. I find your devotional emails stimulating, faith-building and cutting edge for those who want proof outside of the Bible before they are willing to listen to the Gospel. You're helping me achieve those goals. Your kind of scholarship and biblical authenticity is what I am interested in promoting in this 21st century. Thank you for your information and ministry!" - D.E.

"These Creation Moments e-mails you send are very inspiring. For other short devotionals I receive, I seem to rush through them. But yours are really touching, making me want to 'slow down, take time' and read and pray the prayer - and mean it, too, not just read it." - K.B.

"Thanks for your articles. I have run into a stone wall when discussing science with evolutionists. Whenever a fact is presented that denies evolution, they say it's because creationist scientists are liars. Again, thank you for the articles." - Eddie

"I have been interested in natural science since I can remember. After becoming a Christian, I realized that science cannot be rightly interpreted without the Bible. I am glad for organizations like yours that sets the record straight. Keep up the good work!" - M.W.

"Our whole family would like to praise the Lord and send you our thanks for standing strong for God’s Eden when much of the world stands firm on Darwin’s circus." - D.H.

"Your e-mail today was TERRIFFIC! You always have something great. I have several of your books and cross reference your e-casts for ready reference to the geniuses that believe on evolution. You're all doing a great work for the Lord!" - T.H.

"My family has been listening to your program on our local station for a long time. Keep up the good work and may God bless your efforts!" - E.F.

"Thank you for your program. It has opened conversations with two of my grown sons." - K.W.

"I listen to Creation Moments on the radio every night. It truly is a blessing. I use some of your points as answers to my biology teacher. Thank you." - M.B.

"Just wanted to let you know how much your articles bless my heart and life daily. I also forward them to my former biology and geology professors at my local college. I am praying that they will see the error of their thinking and surrender their hearts and lives to the LORD Jesus this year. What a blessing that would be to everyone!" - C.S.

"Thank you for your daily broadcasts. They encourage my faith in the Word of God. I just made a donation to the radio station that carries your program because of your spiritual contribution to my daily commute!" - K.S.

"It's great to have the information you supply. Thank you for all you do in supporting the body of Christ." - G.R.

"I thank God for the ministry of Creation Moments! I've been dueling online with atheists, and I've taken great liberties copying and pasting your archived broadcasts.There is no way I could be as effective without them. The atheists send forth their well-educated Goliaths and I, a simple man, call on Creation Moments to be my David. When I copy and paste information from Creation Moments, atheists hate it and cry foul. I'm giving them heck, hoping that there are silent viewers who are learning the truth of the Bible." - C.P.

"I hold church services in various nursing homes in and around Traverse City. I have listened to Creation Moments for many years and enjoy hearing about all the ways that God has put order and design into the Universe as well as scientific evidence for the Biblical account of Noah's Flood." - C.P.

"I love God, I love science, I believe science is the evidence of an Almighty Creator. I love how Creation Moments takes science and proves the existence and reality of God our Creator. Keep up the hard work, may God bless you all." - R.W.

"Just want you to know that I greatly enjoy your daily Creation Moments. The stories provide a wealth of information to support the truth about God’s creation." - A.W.

"I believe in a six 24-hour-day creation and very much appreciate receiving your daily emails which provide such supportive information." - R.G.

"I am a younger believer, having been kept in the darkness of  Islam for 21 years until the Lord called me from a dream and found myself in the Church, denounced Islam and announced the Lord as my Father and Savior. Out of fifty children of my father and mothers (15) - as islam has no limit - I am the only one who has accepted the Lord as my Savior. Your e-mails have inspired me as I look for the Lord to reign in me." - N.T.

"I am always fascinated by what you have to say each morning as I drive to work and listen to your two-minute program. You have quite a lot of insight into this creation that the Lord has made. I have learned many things from you and want to thank you for being faithful in the work God has called you to do." - J.D.

"During my college experience, I learned firsthand the need for Christian apologetics. An agnostic I knew constantly attacked my faith. I tried to find a book to defend what I believed, but the one I found wasn't very good. One night I found Creation Moments on the radio. I knew it would be what I needed and that God had led me that way. I ordered materials and grew. My faith became solid, and the rest is history. A friend and I are starting our own creation ministry for teens and families here in East Tennessee, and Creation Moments has been a huge reason why this is happening." - M.G.

"God bless your amazing work at Creation Moments! I eagerly await your radio show during my commute to work every morning. It is a powerful tool that has helped to answer so many questions about this earth we live on. Thank you." - L.S.

"I have been in China and Germany working full time for the Lord. Creation Moments was a great blessing which I often shared in morning devotions with my friends." - L.F.

"I love to hear Creation Moments with Ian Taylor on my favourite radio station, Rejoice Radio. The more we are informed, the stronger our armor becomes. Praise God for all you do to inform and set the record straight!" - S.K.

"Quite some time ago I asked for and you granted written permission for me to present some of your material at my church. This past Sunday evening , I did a PowerPoint presentation of a few of your daily Creation Moments. It was a big hit. People were very happy to have their confidence in the word of God fortified and to see a strong defense of a young earth and the Creator. People were amazed at learning things they had never heard before. Thanks for your good work." - S.R. 

"I thank you for all that you have been doing. May God be always praised through your work. God bless you all there at Creation Moments." - R.R.

"I thank the Lord for Creation Moments. I have been listening to it since I was in my teens. Thank you so very much." - V.L.

"I am an avid listener of Creation Moments. I have learned so much over many years of listening. I love hearing how the creator has put His fingerprint on all things. All we have to do is look for it." - J.P.

"Thanks for the interesting, informative, and helpful information you provide each day in Creation Moments." - R.S.

"Thank you for your faithful ministry in proclaiming the truth of God as Creator. I've often used your resources to debate opponents. God bless you exceedingly abundantly for all you do for His glory. Creation Moments really is a light in a dark place. I like very much your new look!" - A.S.

"I was thrilled yesterday to find Creation Moments on the web, and even more thrilled that you offer a library of your Creation Moments daily program with both voice and transcripts. I have listened with great interest to Creation Moments for years. Having the transcripts available together with their references is also fantastic. Thank you again for developing these materials  and making then available so that we may share them." - B.L.

"I am stationed overseas and am so thankful for a site like this one that is magnifying the LORD as He should be - in His creation." - T.M.

"Thank you for Creation Moments emails. I find my faith strengthened as I learn more about God's glorious creation – especially how much He cares for us as well as for animals and plants. What a great God! Kindly let me know if we can partner together and teach such teachings in Kenyan radio." - D.K.

"Keep up the good work over there at I'll recommend your site to all of my friends. Considering the times, it's imperative that we continue to debunk the fallacy that is the Darwinistic world view. It has brought to this world nothing but pain and misery for countless numbers of people. I think it's about time we put old Charles Darwin to rest for good." - M.W.

"Everything we learn via Creation Moments has helped with defending our faith. I have a cousin who is a die hard atheist, and I have been able to share my faith using information from Creation Moments." - C.M.

"May God bless the ministry of Creation Moments that stands on the Word of God and knows the real truth that God gives us through His Word. I love to hear the 'little' facts about God's creation, like the ant that protects the larger ants while they cut leaves. It is all very interesting to me because it gives me an insight on how powerful and wonderful our Lord really is. If it wasn't for Creation Moments, I would never get to hear all the wonderful stories about God's creation." - E.D.

"I listen to Creation Moments on our Christian radio station in Suring, WI. I don't always tune in so I appreciate your emails sending me these Creation Moments nuggets, furthering my faith in God and seeing His awesome love and care in which He created all things." - J.L.

"I love Creation Moments! It has increased my faith in the truth of the Bible." - M.M.

"Without question or unnecessary argument, your 2-minute, proof-positive devotionals are vital, thought-provoking facts that are not only desperately important to all of us, but especially to the believer who encounters conflicts of spiritual interest regarding our genesis. In addition to that, the biblical proof of earth's creation is constantly being revealed at new heights/lengths/widths, etc., backed by undeniable explanations and evidence of a creator. I could never have sought all this marvelous information out on my own.  I thank God for your awesome little ministry with its Jurassic proportions of God's "solid and matchless" truth!" – D.D.

"Creation Moments has been helpful for me to witness to my atheist friend. He gets so dumbfounded, he just has to agree that Biblical Truth is the only truth." – L.S.

"I did not understand God's wonders in His creation until I found out about Creation Moments. My husband subscribes to it through my email. Now it's on Facebook! Thank you, Creation Moments!" – M.T.

"I have gained so much knowledge through Creation Moments. Being a teen in high school and learning about evolution, I had been blindly believing some of the things they were saying – that the earth was made 3.8 billion years ago, how fossils were formed, etc. Thanks to you, my eyes are wide open!" – P.

"As a former Science teacher, and currently an Engineer and Chemist, I certainly have very strong beliefs about God and His Creation.  When I read the Bible and then know what I know we have learned through science, I get a unique confirmation of what God has done. The Creation Moments just verify to me what wonderful works God has done through His Creation.  It establishes His majesty and glory. People who miss out on these short stories about Creation are missing greatness in their lives and the confirmation of God's existence." – J.K.

"I appreciate your ministry very much. I'm glad I found your church bulletin insert ministry. We will use them. Your DVD productions are excellent too." – P.J.

"Every morning on my way to work I hear Creation Moments. Hearing the details of a specific creature – be it animal, insect or human – is extremely informative and brings to light how God made everything with great care. We are wonderfully made! I really find it hard to fathom how anyone who has inspected even the smallest insect could not see the fantastic handiwork of our Creator." – P.R.

"I've been teaching 10-14 year olds in Sunday School class for about 1-1/2 years, and have used your Creation Moments sometimes to share the awesome wonder of our Creator, God Almighty. I've wanted the young people to catch the fun and excitement of awe and wonder as we see His glory all around us! I, personally, am still excited to open your email 'Moments' every day to see what He has to share today! Keep up the wonderful work, and may our God meet all your needs as you obey Him." – J.L.

"Thank you so much for providing this ministry to us! We made a special "creation corner" in our faith formation classroom and share one interesting 'moment' each week with the students. I encourage them to share them with their teachers in school!" – J.M.

"Thank you for Creation Moments emails. I find my faith strengthened as I learn more about God's glorious creation – especially how much He cares for us as well as for animals and plants. What a great God! Thanks, Creation Moments!" – M.

"I believe the Creation Moments materials for the most part are a great resource of information to build knowledge about Biblical Creationism."– M.L.

"There are three major problems in America today: 1) Bible illiteracy; 2) Lack of the fear of God; and 3) Rejection of the authority of Scripture.  The study of Biblical Creation incites a hunger for more of God's Word as our trust in and love for His Word increases. Knowing that every word of the Word is absolutely true instills confidence in the Word and increases trust in our Creator-Redeemer. That, in turn, increases our commitment to share the Gospel with more and more people." – D.P.

"I enjoy reading the articles about creatures I've never heard of. Also about where science is proving things true about what the Bible tells us to be true. This is really neat." - F.M.

"I'm glad to be a part of your Facebook group! I've been receiving the daily Creation Moments articles for a few years and love them! I just wish these things were taught in both public schools and private schools." - R.H.

"Thank you for sending us your Creation Moments. They are a great blessing in our work on a secular radio station where we have two hours a week for a Gospel programme. Many thanks for your valuable ministry!" - M.C. (Brazil)

"I really like your plan of letting church groups have free use of your creation CDs. I hope and pray that they take full advantage. I have been greatly blessed by the CDs and books you have provided. They have made me a stronger witness against evolution and for the creation as carried out by the pre-incarnate Christ. I have no doubt God will bless you in this endeavour. Nobody can outgive God." - P.K.

"Thank you for your Church Bulletin Inserts! We now think our bulletins are barren without them." - C.B.

"I'm currently serving as a missionary English teacher in South Korea. I recently discovered that you have a lot of great information on your website to support creation. I want my students and friends to learn more about the reasons for believing in God, so I'm writing to request your permission to use your material in my classes or in small group studies. I believe that my students' faith can be strengthened as they learn more about our amazing God! Thank you for defending our creator!" - R.B.

"I have appreciated your messages more than you will ever realize. I pass the daily "Creation Moments" on to others. I am also keeping them and plan to put them in a notebook to use as I go along in this life." - G.L.

"I love your website. I teach research in college and continually expect my students to know the difference between FACT and the THEORY about those facts. Evolution is a theory! That's it. Nothing more." - A.L.

"God is Truth, therefore ALL His Word is Truth. Without the truth of Genesis, the rest of the Bible has no leg to stand on. Thank you for providing concise materials to help spread God's Truth. May He bless you abundantly for all your service to the kingdom." – M.D.

"Thank you so much for the bulletin inserts you have made available. We're moving out of the U.S. to Macau, China, for the next three years. However, we will be working/teaching at an international mission school. I will be teaching students in English. These materials can supplement my instruction and at the same time teach them about creation and our Creator God." – M.G.

"I wanted to thank you for your ministry of bulletin inserts. I attend a small church of about 30 adults. Since we have started using these, I have heard nothing but good! They are very well-written and informative, and many members are keeping them to share with unsaved family members. My father was the one who heard about them and turned me on to them – they are an excellent outreach and great support to the local church. Thank you for your work!" – S.W.

"Thank you very much for your ministry. Each week I select one radio transcript to use as part of a nature lesson before the Bible study. Your transcripts are an excellent resource!" - Y.D.

"Praise our Great Creator. My wife and I are always encouraged and blessed by your radio program. Keep up the good work." – C.L.

"We are so grateful for you and your faithfulness to biblical authority. We pray God will continue to provide the support you need to keep Creation Moments on the air and growing." - D.P.

"I am 19 and attend ECU in Ada, OK. I visited your website one day after hearing something about the peppered moths. In biology class the week before, we were discussing evolution. I then told my professor about your website. I'm not sure if he has visited it or not. Maybe he did because the next week he talked about global warming but was unsure about the truth. Anyway, I am writing a paper in his class on how Evolution is false. Thank you so much for doing what you do." - C.L.

"I'd like to thank every one of you who works to broadcast the radio show. Creation Moments helped me last November. I had started my walk with Christ about a year earlier and the doubt, which every Christian seems to go through at one point or another, had begun to set in. Your Creation Moments radio program answered the questions that were coming up in my mind. So again, I'd like to thank all of you for what you do, and I hope you'll continue your broadcasts. I pray that God blesses you all." – J.D.

"Where would we be without Creation Moments! The average pew-warmer is ignorant, apathetic, or badly misled with respect to the truths of Genesis, amidst the  deluge of evolutionist propaganda in society – and worst of all – in the churches! Oh thank God for Creation Moments. Its impact is huge!" – R.R.

"What a blessing your Creation Moments are to creationists! As a pastor's wife, I tell a children's story every week. I have used information from your program in my stories. Thank you." – M.G.

"I want to thank you. I'm able to use this information for my grandchildren and other young people. Thank you so much." – Y.U.

"I am sending a small donation via mail and wish that it could be more but we are retired missionaries so are limited.  However, I couldn’t resist giving what I could and praying that the Lord will continue to bless you folk in your needed ministry especially at this time when there needs to be more serious talk about our Father God and how He lovingly orders His universe." – C.A.

"I am so thankful for you people. I am righteously furious at the evolutionist ideals and lies; so I am right with you!" – C.U.

"I am a retired police officer saved by grace over thirty years ago. I first heard Creation Moments on the radio during a graveyard shift. Since then I have set Creation Moments as my homepage. I have had the opportunity to lead a Bible study on Genesis twice. I used so much of the content of the truth presented in the reference material at your website. It was after the last Genesis class that I learned that one of the youth who had attended and then moved to Hawaii was enrolled in a science/biology class at the local college. She told the instructor what she had learned in my class and that the 'truth' of evolution was a lie. She then transferred to a different class. Based on the revelation of God's creation, she accepted Jesus and was baptized. Praise God for your website and radio spots!" – E.N.

"First I want to thank you for all that you do and to let you know that I really enjoy reading Creation Moments scripts. I feel compelled to tell you, however, that sometimes I have to stop reading it for awhile because, as ironic as this is, the awesomeness of God and His creations starts seeming TOO fantastic to be true. Then I start getting too caught up in thinking about HOW God could possibly be how He is and I start thinking it's too phenomenal to be true. Isn't that crazy?!? I know it is but it happens and so I have to take a break every so often. Please keep up the wonderful work that you're doing." – K.R.

"This ministry is SO needed! We find it a great blessing and help to see "sound bytes" of information that we can more easily remember. Also, I appreciate the YouTube videos and the encouragement for folk to get involved on the web – the modern Mar's Hill in which we, like Paul in Acts, need to proclaim, 'God that made the world...'!" – J.S.

"I love Creation Moments. It is a professional, fresh and awe-inspiring couple of minutes. The daily emails are part of my online devotional when I check my email. Also, at least once a week, my carpoolers get really quiet when I say... 'And now it's time for another Creation Moment', and I'll either share what was in the email or discuss God's Creation vs. evolution. They expect to hear some truth. I'll continue to pray for this very important ministry." – S.A.

"I am just shy of 80 years old, a retired pastor who in the past has been very lonely as I stubbornly upheld the truth of Genesis. But I am seeing a most welcome increase in the numbers of folk who are embracing the Good News of Jesus Christ – including the astounding truth of God's wondrous creation. Do keep up the good work! I keep each day's e-mail, often printing them to send to folk to whom I continue to witness." – W.Z.

"I have been enjoying Creation Moments for a very long time and frequently forward them to friends and family. It is great reinforcement to my faith as well as encouragement. God bless you all for your wonderful efforts, and one of these days I will purchase the entire series of Letting God Create Your Day books for our very small church library." – D.D.

"I absolutely love God's beautiful creation; and Creation Moments reminds me why God's creation is so beautiful – it's created by HIM! Thank you so very much for Creation Moments! I love hearing and reading them." – D.W.

"Here in the tiny country of Belgium I'm so happy to receive your daily e-mails! The university of the city of Gent is preparing for next year (they call it the Darwin year, but I don't want to do that). They have 200.000 euros for action and info on evolution theory. Holland is preparing with brochures on creation to get people informed. We hope we can spread them out in Belgium as well because adults and children don't have enough knowledge to defend themselves. Thank you for your fantastic job!" – W.W.

"I'm 19, and my dad and I love listening to Creation Moments on the radio. I had just been at the bookstore looking for a Christmas gift for him and thought I would try to find a calendar or book with Creation facts. When I went to your website I found several items that will be perfect!" – M.K.

"Your Daily Creation Moments email is a great way to start the day by remembering how our God created this beautiful earth and put us here to have a relationship with Him. Thank you for searching out and sharing the truths that seem to be hidden from so many people in this world." – T.D.

"Greetings in the Name above all others, Jesus Christ I am a missionary to the unreached people groups of Asia, especially the Tibetans. I am home presently where I teach Apologetics in a local Bible college. I use the daily 'Creation Moments' for openers in class as well as hand them out to my students to enrich their lives and challenge them to read more about creation. THANKS for all your labor of love." – L.F.

"Thank you for your daily e-mails! It is so nice to get reminders of God's amazing love for us and how He demonstrates it through creation." C.C.

"I have recently started to receive Creation Moments emails due to the request of my older brother. I am using these daily emails as devotionals and educational awareness support material for the youth team at my church of which I am director. Your research and efforts to make the results of that research known is far more valuable than I could have imagined. Thank you for the truth and for all your efforts." – L.H.

"Many thanks for all your help getting The Evolution Handbook to me in Ireland. I am enjoying it a lot, as is my 14 year old daughter, who hears all the opposite teaching in her school. It is a difficult time for a lot of people during a recession. God is our source, however. I pray God blesses all believers during this time, so we can always have something to give to those in need. You and your ministry are a blessing!" – M.M.

"I just wanted to let you know I thank God so much for Creation Moments! As a follower of Jesus Christ, it was so hard going to public school and having evolution crammed down my throat during science class. Some of my churchgoing friends started crying and abandoning their beliefs. I tried to encourage them, and every science class was a heartbreak of so-called facts that didn't add up. When I heard you guys on the radio talking about the truth of God's amazing creation and how it is so real in so many ways in real scientific life, I almost felt like crying. My heart had been starving for some truth and encouragement that I wasn't the only one who continued to believe in Jesus, the word of God, and His awesome creation! God bless you, Creation Moments! Keep up the good work!" – C.W.

"I enjoy listening to your moments each morning while I dress our special needs son for school. I also linked you on my site I get ideas to research from the variety of subjects you tackle. Truly you can poke nature anywhere and design pours out!" – J.S.

"I don't listen on the radio, but I do receive your daily e-mails. I read them and use some in the church bulletin each week. Thank you so very much for your website with such wonderful facts about nature that bring our thoughts back to GOD and His creation. I look forward to reading them each day and miss them on the days you don't publish. Then I go back and read old ones. Thanks again." – L.U.

"My husband and I are eternally grateful to God for this ministry of creation truth! We read your daily devotions and are reminded that God created everything and that we must also carry the torch for Biblical truth." – K.M.

"I LOVE Creation Moments in every form you have made it available! It is one of the best gifts that God has graced my life with. What God orchestrated in creation SCREAMS in every direction possible that, indeed, it was none other than by God's special DESIGN that anything exists! Every single Creation Moment deepens that reality and strengthens my faith! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" – C.T.

"I look forward to receiving the daily Creation Moments message. It is a daily blessing to hear how God, our Creator, has provided for all life thru Jesus Christ." – B.F.

"Creation Moments has been such a blessing to me because you take a simple, ordinary thing such as a bee or an ant, then you point out something incredible about these creatures I was not aware of previously. Each day in less than 2 minutes, I focus on a new aspect of the world, which makes me so grateful to be alive and able to serve and praise God! It is such a privilege to support you financially as a way of testifying to God (who sees in secret) how grateful I am for your ministry." – G.G.

"I was introduced to your website via a local radio station I listen to as I drive to work. I am also a full-time Health Psychology major at a local university. I have professors who would swear on their lives that evolution is the 'gospel' of science. I am using some of the material I have found on your website to offer proof to the contrary. I myself can not see how some people who are so 'educated' refuse to even consider intelligent design from our Creator. I am not backing down on what I believe as the truth. Thank you for such a valuable resource." – J.M.

"Thank you so much for Creation Moments. Your program affirms what I want to articulate, but sometimes cannot. You say it for me. Thank you and God bless you." – N.A.

"Creation Moments has been a blessing! Most non-Christians and even some Christians believe that science does not support the Bible. The daily email is something that I look forward to reading each and every day." S.V.

"I'm thankful that you effectively and properly speak the Truth to so many people. Your Creation Moments radio program is like a breath of fresh air and inspiration rolled into one. I have only begun to utilize your website, but I already appreciate its resources." – C.D.

"Creation Moments serves as a constant reminder of the wonders of creation and the Creator! Your programs provide clear evidence that the creation is not the result of some evolutionary process." – G.W.

"Creation Moments does what its name suggests. Every day I receive an amazing encouragement and reminder that God is in control, His creation is amazing and that random chance explains nothing of the highly ordered and beautiful world we live in. I typically receive your daily emails, but I have also been blessed by your video pilot project (on YouTube and GodTube), the radio spots on CDs (since I can't get the radio program near my home), and your Letting God Create Your Day book series. Also, your on-line bookstore gives me ready access to many of the best books and videos on the Creation vs. Evolution debate. Thanks for all you do." – C.S.

"Having a great interest in birds and God's magnificent variety of creatures, I thoroughly enjoy reading about them. Creation Moments provides support to my faith system." – F.A.

"Creation Moments has been a blessing to our family. We have several family members, including my father, who have not only turned from the Christian faith, but who are actively attacking our family's views – that is, God's views – since we take Him at His Scriptural word. A recent letter from my father to my 10-year-old daughter promoted the concept of an old earth and tossed aside divine creation as a theory that had seen better days. Thank you for providing another source that is not "Mom and Dad" to provide our children with proof of a divine Creator!" – C.B.

"I find a lot of helpful information for teaching Sunday School. Thank you and may God bless you!" – R.P.

"Creation Moments 'hooked me' during the very first radio 'spot' I ever heard over five years ago. It still amazes me at the complexity and beauty of the creation. I can't imagine how anyone with any intelligence can reject such wonder!" – J.S.

"I am reminded every day how great our God is in His variety of plants and animals. Your Creation Moments radio program brings home such beautiful proof of a plan that is so much bigger than man could ever dream up. Thank you for all you do to remind us every day how great our Father is, and yet, how He loves us." – J.F.

"I have really been blessed several times through the daily Creation Moments. It's wonderful to finally learn the right way about God's Creation instead of the errors I learned in school!" – B.C.

"The Creation Moments daily radio broadcast has given me information and encouragement to strengthen my walk with Christ. Thank you for your ministry!" – A.R.

"Thanks for a wonderful year of informational stuff to the glory of God." – K.C.

"I appreciate the unashamed, loving confidence in God's Word that is demonstrated in your writing – with plenty of documentation that backs it up. In short, I feel like I have had a message right from the Lord. You 'embody' the Word in your defense of the One who created it all!" – P.W.

"Just a note to let you know how fascinating I find all your materials. It somehow makes God more personal and very real. It really strengthens my faith in the truth of His Word." – T.O.

"Creation Moments continues to delight me with examples in our – God's – world of phenomena that confounds evolutionists and demands Creation." – W.Y.

"Thank you for your daily work in providing us with the insights and information, and blessings in your wordings of your prayers. Sometimes I just don't realize what you must be up against working in the scientific field. Thank you for your patience and stamina in your endeavors in sharing the Gospel through sharing creation." – P.V.

"Thank you so much for your work; you are such a blessing! This strengthens my faith, and opens my eyes to the wonders and wisdom of the creator." – N.S.

"I received your email today titled 'What we don't know.' I want to let you know I appreciate this bold statement against the deception of 'science' so called." – R.H.

"I am a Children's Pastor and I often send the kids I serve to Creation Moments when they have questions about life and why life is the way it is; I appreciate all the great information I have received through the years. Creation Moments has very much impacted my life and the life of the many children I serve." – J.A.

"As I look over the emails in my in box, the Creation Moments emails always grab my attention! (Many others are ignored!) The stories of amazing little known facinating things in nature that could not have gradually developed because all the parts were needed to function, stories of methods of protection from harm one would never have thought of – these stories cause me to stop and praise God in prayer! Each email is so FUN!" – J.H.

"Your podcasts give me a bright moment every day. Thanks!" – S.B.

"I have used Creation Moments a number of times. I send many of the messages on to others who may be interested.  I have given some messages as an encouragement to a girl who is against evolution being taught in her school. I have sent a number of your messages to an acquaintance who's an atheist to help argue my points with him. I plan to keep using your messages as long as possible!" – P.P.

"I like your Creation Moments emails. You always have interesting articles about the creatures that God has made." – A.R.

"Creation Moments has been a blessing to me. I live in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and normally listen to it on a Christian radio station broadcasting out of Carriacou, Grenada." – R.W.

"Creation Moments is really neat. I never realized how clever God was is designing every detail of His Creation. I think we often fail to recognize how sin infected this beautiful creation. Yet, we are still able to see how God make the impossible possible. Thanks for collecting all this information and sharing it with us so that we may continue to make a defense for the hope within us." – J.W.

"For many years Creation Moments has been a source of blessing and education. For one such as I, without scientific education, you have bolstered my faith in the Scriptures and given me assurance that the Bible can be trusted." – R.N.

"When I first became a Christian, my new faith was shaken by the teachings of evolution. Thanks to Creation Moments, though, I learned that science and the Bible are compatible and that evolution is refuted by scientific evidence. I don't know what would have happened in my life had it not been for the materials I read from Creation Moments!" – S.S.

"I receive the daily 'Today's Creation Moments', and I am always so incredibly impressed with how many types of species, plants, etc. that our Creator has made and their functions. Not to mention the many parts of the human body has and their functions. Thanks for enlightening and broadening the way I look at the world around us." – H.C.

"I really enjoy your daily emails, and I really enjoyed your daily radio spot when I was listening to the radio at that time. I am always interested in facts about animals and it is so confirming to see all the things which glorify our Creator, especially those that are gleaned from secular sources. I am particularly uplifted by the devotional prayer at the end. Thank you very much!" – D.V.

"I enjoy receiving your daily e-mail Creation Moments. When I receive an especially good one I forward it to all my friends and family. Also, when I called to order your Evolution Handbook,  the lady I spoke with was so very kind and helpful. It was a pleasure talking with her." – M.M.

"I enjoy your Creation Moments very much. I also incorporate them into my blog about birds ( quite often. Your link is on my sidebar. Thank you for doing these. I am a creationist all the way and these are very informative. Lord bless you all!" – L.D.

"Reading Creation Moments is how I start my day." – B.H.

"My husband and I have taught 4th & 5th grade Sunday School and have used 'Creation Moments' often. Not only has the class learned how amazing God is but we have also been thrilled to see God's love all around us." – G.B.

"Thank you for your radio program and emails. They thrill my heart to know how God confounds the 'wise'. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you." – D.S.

"I have enjoyed both your radio spots and the emails. It is marvelous to learn the details of God's creativity. It just boggles my mind that anyone could doubt a creator, except that I'm reminded they are blind and deaf. Thank you for your ministry." – P.M.

"I love Creation Moments. I love to read and hear about things that supports the Genesis account of Creation. Thank you and keep up the good work." – B.M.

"Your 2-minute radio spots introduced me to the vital creation ministry many years ago.  Since then, I have been a strong (but lonely) voice in my church (and family) in support of special creation – teaching and writing of the truths of creation, of the dangers of compromise, and the fallacies of godless evolution. A lot of people don't want to 'get involved.' Someone has to! Thank you!" – R.R.

"Creation Moments provides a daily reminder that God created everything and that His name is not 'Chance'." – D.D.

"I am a Christian radio listener living in Norway. My wife is from the Philippines. During a visit to the city of Tagbilaran, Bohol province, I came across the FM radio signal of a station that was broadcasting Creation Moments with host Ian Taylor. May God bless your continued good work!" – G.S.

"God bless you for this ministry. From my 'daily dose' of Creation Moments from the Internet, I forward some to my church's Honor Bound men's group (among others) and have found one of the men forwards them to his son who is in collage. He, in turn, uses your information to refute the unsaved professors' disinformation." – G.T.

"I read Creation Moments 3 or 4 times a week and really enjoy all your facts about creation and how it refutes evolution. I have quite a few friends who believe in evolution, and it give me lots of facts so we can have friendly debates. I hope someday to convince them of a heavenly designer." – S.D.

"I am very thankful for your ministry. You have helped me countless times when I am debating atheists online. Your resources are wonderful and really glorify God. May you continue the good fight for His glory and praise." – A.D.

"THANK YOU! I love your site. I have been a follower of Christ since I was seven years old. I am a young earther just like the Bible says. I keep all of your daily Creation Moments in a folder for reference." – D.P.


"You are doing a most fascinating and God-glorifying work! That one minute is often worth more than the hours of senseless babbling that often passes for preaching." – A.A.

"I really appreciate all you do at Creation Moments and look forward to not only the Scrambled Scriptures but also the daily creation e-mails.” – P.M.

"Thank you so much for your encouraging daily reminder that "God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen through what has been made…” I so appreciate the work of Ian Taylor, and the rest of your staff. I frequently play the broadcast for my teenage children, and they too are greatly encouraged by it." - D.W.










"In making our church's weekly bulletin, I've been using your Church Bulletin Inserts, and realized it was certainly time to say thank you so much. Our folks enjoy reading the interesting articles. More importantly, we are educated and bolstered by the information you provide that glorifies our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. May He richly bless you." – L.W.